Our Story

MASI is a result of a shared vision: that a project’s commercial success and achieving excellence in social performance, health, safety and environment (HSE) are not mutually exclusive. We believe governments, corporations, and the communities in which they operate should have it all.

From the hinterlands of Siberia, to the Libyan Desert, to the rainforests of Liberia, offshore Guyana, and the Caspian Sea, we possess extensive experience living and working globally in challenging contexts. MASI’s team has worked in developing countries, post-conflict economies, countries experiencing state fragility, transitional economies and emerging markets.

After serving in the Oil & Gas, International Development and Responsible Extractives industries for over 45 years, MASI’s globetrotting team became passionate about new-market entry in challenging contexts. We believe in creating commercially innovative solutions that yield optimum socio-economic and environmental benefits. Our lengthy discussions over the years led the team to a mutual agreement that business has the immense potential to foster responsible and sustainable growth.

MASI’s team is multigenerational and its origins straddle both the East and West. We bring a unique and interdisciplinary perspective to our clients’ strategic objectives.