MASI’s senior global expertise, healthy but measured risk-appetite, and agile approach to solving business challenges are key differentiators.

Clients trust us in stewarding their projects with full accountability in a cost-conscious and efficient manner. We ensure the utmost in safety and regulatory compliance.

Our ethics and conduct always remain a key component in achieving this purpose and we do so by demonstrating the highest integrity, direct communication, utilisation of technology that delivers cost-effective projects while maximizing results. We aim to create mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and associates.

We incorporate a close working relationship with project owners & managers and believe that formal project reviews and re-directions are necessary throughout the project life cycle. Specifically, we prioritise:

  • Milestones, reporting and time-based alerts
  • Peer reviews and audits by project owners and managers
  • Statutory reviews by regulatory bodies

As requirements change during a project, we evaluate and offer services that will assist in achieving and exceeding project managers’ new goals. Throughout the process we maintain continuous and open communication to accurately align our work to achieve clients’ goals and objectives.