International Development

MASI brings extensive experience managing and providing strategic advisory to development projects globally. We tackle challenges such as poverty reduction, economic reform, private sector engagement and governance-building with solutions that draw upon our interdisciplinary technical expertise.

At the heart of our approach is our strong belief in tackling local development challenges with local solutions. We prioritise inclusive, participatory, locally-driven and bottom-up development that aims to decrease aid dependence. When advising non-governmental organisations, bi-laterals, governments or the private sector, we integrate input from a diverse range of local and international stakeholders.  At every step of the way MASI identifies entry-points to build the capacity of local stakeholders, making them true partners in development.

While we prioritise innovation we strongly believe in building upon existing local initiatives to maximize cost-effectiveness of donor funds and avoid “re-inventing the wheel.” We integrate rigorous monitoring and evaluation systems into solutions in order to effectively measure impact.

Our Services

Economic Growth and Livelihoods

  • Livelihoods programming
  • Community development and mobilisation
  • Business training for small and medium sized enterprises

Social Inclusion & Gender 

  • Stakeholder mapping, consultation and inclusion strategies
  • Women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment
  • Gender mainstreaming

Post-conflict Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

  • Community-based recovery programme design
  • Vocational skills-training programme design for conflict-affected stakeholders


  • Decentralisation and local governance advisory
  • Capacity building of state institutions
  • Institutional policy reform


  • Baseline surveys and household surveys
  • Needs assessments and impact assessments

Project Management

  • Support for proposal developments and strategic reviews
  • Multi-stakeholder development partnership management